12 cool beverages spotted at Natural Products Expo West 2017

March 20, 2017 by Jenna Blumenfeld

You can't say New Hope editors were dehydrated over Expo West this past weekend—we sipped, slurped and chugged a lot of beverages from both new and legacy brands. Out of the thousands of natural brands that exhibited, a few rose to the top thanks to their unparalleled taste, nutrition and innovation. Here are our favorites...

Green Sheep Sparkling Water
It seems a little odd. Water packaged in an aluminum can. But the founders of Green Sheep say that aluminum is a much better choice for packaging than plastic. While plastic degrades with each recycling round, aluminum can be infinitely recycled while maintaining its quality. Aluminum is also recycled more often and more efficiently than plastic. Green Sheep's new SKU, Sparkling Water, is a pleasantly effervescent, USA-made beverage. 

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7 Food and Beverage Trends to Watch in 2017

December 20, 2016

Sustainability: Companies are prioritizing the development of more sustainable business practices. Some are opting to reduce waste by using compostable packaging, while others are making commitments to greener processes in their offices and manufacturing facilities. Prepare to hear about more brands that find ways to re-purpose previously discarded ingredients in 2017.

Products you may have missed in 2016: Green Sheep Water, Uncommon Coffee Roasters, Tea Drops

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Green Sheep Water Launches First U.S. Made Sparkling Water in Recloseable Aluminum Bottles

August 30, 2016

Today Green Sheep Water announces the launch of Green Sheep Sparkling, the first premium U.S.-made sparkling water in aluminum bottles. The new Green Sheep Water line marries delicious, glacial aquifer-sourced, refreshingly bubbly water with sustainability. Packaged in Ball Corp.’s 16-ounce Alumi-tek bottles, they’re 100% recyclable and cut down on transportation emissions since they’re made right here in the U.S. and don’t have to be shipped across oceans, like the majority of premium sparkling water products.

This product is the company’s response to the growing trend for sparkling water, a category that has experienced immense growth recently (15.5 percent increase in sales for the 52 weeks ending May 15, according to Chicago-based research firm IRi), as consumers are on the lookout for interesting, healthy alternatives to sodas and sugary juices. Read more.

The Local Look: Green Sheep Water

June 23, 2015 by Erin Robertson

Green Sheep Water wants you to know: They know their name is “odd,” “different.” But so is the company, founders Jess Page and Nicole Doucet say. They’re creating an eco-friendly bottled water, one that’s replaced the plastic bottle with aluminum and that donates five percent of all profits to water.org. We talked to Doucet about how they’re making a difference with water, right here in Chicago. Read more.

Behind the Brand // Green Sheep Water

January 21, 2015

Ready to hear about a pair of women that created a company with a conscience? Nicole Doucet and Jess Page are the entrepreneurs and environmentalists behind Green Sheep Water. The concept is simple, aluminum is easier to recycle and more often recycled than plastic, so they created a company that sells water in aluminum bottles. They even donate their 5% of their profits to water.org. We got to talk with Nicole to learn all about what inspired Green Sheep Water, their goals, and their advice for entrepreneurs. Read more.

Green Sheep Water on The Dieline

December 17, 2014 by Elena Massuco

Packaging sustainability is definitely going to be a big trend in 2015 and a remarkable in-house product and design development comes from Green Sheep Water, a bottled water company with a green conscience. It is a well known fact that plastic bottles are a threat to the environment, and Green Sheep Water has decided to partially tackle the problem by replacing plastic bottles with lightweight 100% recyclable aluminium ones. Read more.

Green Sheep Water Launches in Ball’s Alumi-Tek Bottle

November 3, 2014

Being different isn’t always a bad thing – especially when that difference is something you believe in. That’s why Green Sheep Water – “the bottled water with a green conscience” – is launching in infinitely recyclable, 16-ounce aluminum bottles made by Ball Corporation (NYSE:BLL), instead of the usual plastic, glass or carton packaging.

“Studies show that Americans use about 1,500 plastic water bottles every second, and only about 30 percent of those bottles are recycled – the rest end up in landfills and oceans,” explained Jess Page, co-founder of Green Sheep Water. “While reusable water bottles are optimal for the environment, they are not always practical in our consumers’ busy lives. We chose Ball’s Alumi-Tek® bottle because it is a high quality package that is reclosable, portable and part of the most recycled beverage packaging in the world – beverage cans.” Read more.


February 29, 2012 by Armin

"Produced by bottled-water company Green Sheep in part to help raise money for Water.org, this video uses 11,400 FSC certified matches to spell “Change”. This is part 1, the setup. No lighting the matches yet, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until part 2." Read more.

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