Plastic Pollution, Recycling, and Waste Management

Plastic Pollution and Recycling: From plastic bottle to ocean waste

So what exactly happens to that plastic bottle from your typical water bottle brand after you toss it in a recycling bin? What we’re about to share will break your little, green heart.

Plastic bottled water lifecycle / the lifestyle of plastic products

After the recycled plastics are collected (which happens less than 30% of the time), they’re separated by type so that they can be processed correctly. The materials are then washed and shredded into small pieces called pellets. These pellets are downcycled, which means they are formed into lesser quality products, like doormats and construction materials.

Eventually, the plastic becomes so low-quality that it can’t be recycled anymore. So even after the plastics are collected and separated, many pieces end up in the trash, which takes them to landfills and oceans.

Please do the planet a favor: say “bye, bye plastic” and choose more recycling-friendly materials—like aluminum! :)

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