The story of Green Sheep Water began in 2009 after founders Nicole and Jess watched a documentary that put our planet’s plastic problem into perspective. The two recognized that although reusable bottles are obviously the best solution for our society’s bottled water habit, consumers continue to purchase single-use bottles on the go. The goal was to create an intermediate option that offered the same convenience as traditional bottled water, but with a reduced impact. The key was in aluminum, a material that doesn’t get enough credit for its amazing efficiency and value in the recycling process.



Nicole Doucet

Nicole Doucet, Co-founder & CEO

Nicole grew up in Mexico City and moved to Miami in 2005. Graduating in 2010, Nicole knew right away that she wanted to start a company of her own. Spurred by her microfinance work in Kenya and influenced by social entrepreneurs, Nicole also knew she wanted to make a difference with her work.



Jess Page, Co-founder & COO

Hailing from Bah-stahn* (Boston, duh), Jess is a design girl wonder (one of her many talents). Prior to Green Sheep, she worked her way through a couple years of the 9 to 5 grind, only to realize that she wanted more. She decided to leave her job in order to join Green Sheep and do what she loves (at least that’s what she says. We’re pretty sure she did it just to hang out with Nicole 24/7).

*Just to be clear, Jess doesn't actually have a Boston accent, and she really sucks at imitating one...

Jess Page

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