March 20, 2017 by Jenna Blumenfeld

You can't say New Hope editors were dehydrated over Expo West this past weekend—we sipped, slurped and chugged a lot of beverages from both new and legacy brands. Out of the thousands of natural brands that exhibited, a few rose to the top thanks to their unparalleled taste, nutrition and innovation. Here are our favorites...

Green Sheep Sparkling Water
It seems a little odd. Water packaged in an aluminum can. But the founders of Green Sheep say that aluminum is a much better choice for packaging than plastic. While plastic degrades with each recycling round, aluminum can be infinitely recycled while maintaining its quality. Aluminum is also recycled more often and more efficiently than plastic. Green Sheep's new SKU, Sparkling Water, is a pleasantly effervescent, USA-made beverage. 

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