Still Water

Canned Water - Green Sheep aluminum bottle

Green Sheep? Odd name for a bottled water, right? It’s really, um… different. Well, so are we. Instead of adding to the heaps of plastic polluting our lands and seas, we’re giving you a greener option. Aluminum can kick plastic where-the-sun-don’t-shine any day. Not only is it recycled more often, but it can also be recycled over and over (in your dreams, plastic).

We take the greatest care to ensure the water in our bottles and cans is as fresh and pure as it gets. It just turns out we didn’t need to go halfway around the world to find it.


Sparkling Water

Green Sheep Sparkling eco-friendly bottled water aluminum

We noticed something recently: not a whole lot of premium sparkling waters are made in the US. For the most part, they’re sent over from Europe, which just seems silly. That’s why we created a sparkling water with the great, refreshing taste you’d expect from one of those imported brands, sans le wasted fuel. As an added bonus, we use aluminum bottles: a lightweight package that is recycled more often and more efficiently than plastic, glass, or cartons and gets cold faster. 

Bubbles, meet sustainability. Sustainability, bubbles.

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